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Situated twelve kilometres from Béziers, towards Bédarieux, Puissalicon is ideally placed halfway between the beaches of the Mediterranean and the mountains of Caroux, which are part of the regional Natural Park of Haut-Languedoc. Away from the main roads, it is a village that has wisely preserved its distinctive aura of calm and the good life.


Nestling at the foot of the 11th century feudal castle and the gothic church dating from 1337, today's village, a good example of a "circulade" found in plentiful number in the towns of Bas-Languedoc, perfectly preserves the shape of medieval urbanism. Viewed from the air, three concentric belts of dwellings, radiating from the castle tower, demonstrate the gradual evolution of the ancient town.


About one kilometre from the village, in the middle of a cemetery, stands a Romanesque tower. This classified building of 26 metres was once part of the old Saint-Etienne de Pézan priory. Restoration work returned this piece of local heritage to its original form and it remains a proud emblem to the people of Puissalicon.


The sections of wall that are still intact, along with the entrance gates of which the "Porte des Pradelles" is the most beautiful example, indicate the outer limits of the old fortifications.


Activities and economy

  • Wine-making is the main commercial activity. Both co-operative and individual producers recognised a growing demand for high-quality wines, and so new vines have been introduced accordingly.
  • Several associations come together for sporting and cultural life in the village, giving those who wish to the opportunity to try out various activities: dance, gymnastics, football, pétanque … and participate in the organisation of various events: 14th July celebrations, Festival of Sport, the local festival on the 3rd Sunday of August, football tournament, a "vétathlon" (similar to a biathlon: run - cycle - run ), cycle race…
  • The presence of nearby amenities, the addition of an extra class to the primary school as well as the increase in population are all good examples of the energy and development of the village.

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Getting there

  • D909, direction Bédarieux