Villages: Roquessels



Roquessels Castle was built in the 10th century, as were the Castles of Cabrerolles, Caussiniojouls and Faugères. It was a dependence of the convent of Cassan, which received the tithes of the feudal lord of Margon, who dispensed justice at all levels.


In 1247, as with all those dependant on the Trencavels, who held the viscountcy of Béziers, the inhabitants were freed from their oath of fidelity and became subject to the King of France. The castle valiantly resisted the assaults of Simon de Montfort's troops. Later, having passed back and forth through the hands of the Catholics and religionnaires (protestants) during the Wars of Religion, the Revolution saw the feudal powers taken over by the Consuls.


It was only in the last century that the villagers destroyed the castle, leaving only the chapel standing, in order to build a church and a school. The chapel remains a perfect example of romanesque architecture.


Sites of interest

  • Fortified castle from the 10th century undergoing restoration.
  • Protohistoric oppidum (fortified town)*
  • Roman Villas on the banks of the Tongue *
  • Modern parish church
  • Roman baptism bath
  • (* These remains have disappeared.)


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General Information

  • Population: 120
  • Altitude: 190m
  • Old Romanesque church
  • Bronze Age burial place
  • Hamlet of Castelsec
  • Wine Cellars (tasting)